8 Years Ago Today: Conor McGregor Knocks Steve O'Keefe Out With HELLBOWS At CWFC 45

Aw, look at the wee lad! McGregor was only a chisler at the time, but the ciotóg was delira when he made a bollix of that manky dope. The craic was 90!

Just an absoluuuutely vicious knockout from a young Conor here. It's shit like this that makes him as dangerous as he is, and shit like this that makes me want him to stay in the cage as opposed to the squared circle in the coming years. Conor's versatility and use of his elbows, knees, and now I guess even his SHOULDERS is what makes him one of the most unpredictable and exciting fighters in the world to watch. Probably what makes him one of the scariest to fight as well!

Hoping we see Conor in the cage soon. I think Justin Gaethje is the fight to make. Fingers crossed.