Good Boy Interrupts Soccer Match When Dummy Soccer Players Take Too Long To Take A Free Kick

We've got a pup on the pitch! I repeat we've got a good boy on the pitch looking for some attention! Why? Because this is over in Turkey and you simply never know when a dog will interrupt a soccer match in Istanbul. Personally? I put the blame on the players. They are taking far too long for this free kick, so much time that the more athletic good boy was able to sprint on the pitch and steal the ball. 

That said this video was infuriating. That's such a good looking pooch and all he wants to do is play. He's chasing the ball around like any normal good boy only for the players to keep teasing him and tossing it to the side. Listen, dogs are way more important than you, Turkish soccer players. 

We get heat breaks during soccer matches, I vote that we get puppy play breaks. We should have taken a 15 minute break to let everyone play with the pup. Let him chase around soccer balls and live his happy life. All he wants to do is make people smile anyways. I'm a soccer fan, played my entire life, but this video made me question that decision. If we won't stop a game to play with a puppy what are we doing here? I also don't care for how No. 8 carries him off the pitch. That dog belongs to the stadium now. 

PS: when the good boy gets distracted by the second ball, it's the most adorable dog thing ever.