The Astros Have MLB Players So Mad Even Nick Markakis Showed Some Emotion

Nick Markakis is obviously not the first and certainly won't be the last player to go off on the Houston Astros for destroying the integrity of America's pastime, but I am truly shocked he did. I don't remember him ever speaking to the media in more than a couple sentences for anything, even when Atlanta won the NL East twice.

This is a guy who shows no emotion in any situation ever. This will be his sixth season with the Braves and I've never seen him smile once. He just steps up to the plate with a chaw in his mouth and tries to slap the ball to left center four times a night and goes home.

It took someone besmirching the integrity of the game he loves to finally push the "emotion" button in Markakis's motherboard. And for him to go from zero to, "I feel like every single guy over there needs a beating," you know he's pissed off.

But I'm glad to see another player that everyone around the league seems to respect speaking up about how much the rest of the players hate these assholes. The cheating is one thing, but the lying and smugness that has come from the top down in Houston since everything broke has made that organization truly the most detestable in sports.

I hope these teams ignore the ridiculous mandates from Rob Manfred's office and make sure Houston has some sort of retaliation for what it did. Lord knows they've earned it.