Oh My God. Whatever You Do, Don't Show Show This Video To UNC-Chapel Hill Fans

Oh I'm begging you, please do not show this to UNC-Chapel Hill fans. The wine and cheese crowd is already ready to switch their allegiance to something else, the last thing they need to see is how this god awful team keeps losing. Last night it looked like this: 

Just to clarify a bit more, UNC-Chapel Hill was up 15 with 8:30 to go and lost. But then again that's what bad teams do. They also attempt to kill their head coach. Daggum Roy - the man who never swears is out here dropping fuck in his press conference: 

Remember how everyone said just wait for them to get Cole Anthony back? Things would be different, they said. Well, they are right. UNC-Chapel Hill hasn't won a game since Cole came back. They at least beat NC State before that. There's a clear disconnect with what Cole is being asked to do, the ability of his teammates and just overall talent or rather lack of it for this team. On the bright side, Cole did avoid a serious injury on Saturday when he caught an elbow to the head from a Virginia player and rocked a hell of a look last night 


Oh and some more good news! The NIT doesn't require that you're .500 anymore to make that tournament, so you're still alive!