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POUND THE OVER!! - Total HBP's Against The Astros In 2020 Set At 83.5

I can't remember the last time I took an under and it certainly won't be today. My fucking god 83.5? When the Mets got drilled 95 times last year while stumbling through varying waves of mediocrity? Rob Manfred could personally execute each and every pitcher for retaliation and I still think we get 84 come June 1st. Granted some of you pitchfork mob wielding, vigilante enthusiasts would probably love that shit. Personally I'm just here to make some money and TALK VALUE and CAPITALIZE MARKET SHARE. 

Actually idk what that means I just think the Astros get mauled throughout the season. If the players' reactions to Manfred's comments are any indication, it's going to be a blood bath. 

But then part of me is inclined to say that baseball players are kind of pussies. And that's from me, former unremarkable baseball player with a big ego and small appetite for criticism. Even I'm willing to say we've evolved into pretty big pussies. If this were the mid-2000's when guys were snorting winstrol pills in the clubhouse tunnel and not stealing signs then I'd have a different opinion. But as it stands I can also rationalize the youngsters wanting to avoid the conflict. 


83.5 is really low. Even if we're pussies and even if the commissioner is willing to rain hell on future offenders. Even if all that comes true still pound the over.