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Please Don't Call This A Beef

I debated posting this blog but there's just been too much beef content lately to let this sandwich go unpunished.  There's too many quality dipped, hot, baptized italian B's in my mentions to allow Kevin's lunch from yesterday to impact anyone. Alexa enhance. 

I don't want to be dramatic but I shit you not I thought this part of the sandwich was going to get up and walk awayThat beef is still a living breathing animal. Again, not trying to be dramatic but you could get thrown in jail for anti-cruelty for eating that beef. Slathered in provolone and good old fashioned coronavirus. No fuckin thanks.

And can we talk peppers? The Papa John special steroid pepper. Gotta have some serious Crazy to want to ingest that piece of produce. Elsewhere, JP Graziano weeps the missed opportunity to save a sandwich with some bomb giardiniera.

Wipe those tears Jim. Jesus Christ himself couldn't bring this beef back from the dead. 



On the subject of sandwiches, it's almost the time of the year where Filet O Fish takes over. I don't want to make a huge deal out of this but you leave the FoF alone. That goes for Arby's, Wendy's, BK and anyone else preparing for a fish battle this Lent. I aint having it. Filet O Fish has been averaging a double-double in March every year for the last 3 decades. It's the OG seasonal producer on the fast food scene and I won't stand for any of your poorly based criticism this time of year. Consider this your warning. 

PS - can't talk about beef without a couple of good ones. No one wants to be that guy