Arod Meeting Jim Harbaugh After His Final Game Just Shattering The Awkward Scale

Hey man…good to see you…good to see you buddy…how are ya? *pats Jim Harbaugh on the arm 4 times*

Let me make this loud and clear – it is damn near IMPOSSIBLE to be more of a social misfit than Jim Harbaugh. Nobody is as socially awkward as that guy. He was born without the chromosomes or the genes that allow humans to be socially calibrated. And along comes Arod and just blows him out of the water. As cringeworthy as it gets. Multiple hand shakes. multiple arm pats, like 300 different greetings, says “Hurricane” twice, and an awkward question about his family, before he mercilessly puts himself down with an invitation to hang out in New York.

Jim Harbaugh was probably like “alright if you’ll excuse me I gotta go get fired, change into a brand new pair of khakis identical to the ones I’m wearing now, and go get a boatload of money from the University of Michigan. Are we done here?”