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Mets Fans Trying To Raise Money For A "Sell The Team" Billboard Like The #FireJohnIdzik Fans

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So theres another dumb ass grass roots movement from another New York fan base going on. This time its some Mets fan on twitter trying to raise $5,000 to put up 2 signs on Roosevelt Ave. begging for the Wilpons to sell the franchise. Hey bro you know its not 2011 anymore right? You know this is probably the dumbest idea any sports fan has ever had right? Lets just put aside the part where you’re spectacularly stupid for thinking the Wilpons would be like “Oh shit look at that sign? I guess they’re right, we should probably sell.” Lets actually ignore that 5,000 pound elephant in the room. Lets just look at the fact that the Mets are on the rise. They’re going to have the best pitching rotation in baseball. They have some spectacular home grown talent thats going to come into their own this season and more on the way. They’ve got enough surplus arms to potentially make a blockbuster trade. They’re just a couple of bats away from being a real contending ball club. And now is the time you choose to publicly go against the team? Now is when you draw the line in the sand and bail on the franchise? This is the brightest the Mets future has been in nearly a decade. You’re about 5 years late on this movement, homie.

Now dont get me wrong. I would love nothing more than for the Wilpons to sell. The underlying idea here is correct. And yes, I know some of you morons lump me in with the #FireJohnIdzik fans and these #FreeMetsFans dopes. I sold Fire Wilpon shirts and Fire Dolan shirts. But the difference is that A) The timing was right, and B) actually thinking you’re going to influence the franchise.  The “Fire…” shirts were a joke. Just some funny shirts to make a little honest coin money. I stand by the idea that they are the worst owners in sports and would love them gone, but I never put those shirts up on sale being like “Lets make it to $10,000 and I’ll invest the proceeds into plane banners and billboards to start a crusade against my own team!” I never actually expected to influence the franchise and pit myself against them. They’re like the “This Team Makes Me Drink” shirts. Just some gear to embody the life of a tortured NY fan. If you cant see the difference there, thats fine, I guess. I dont know what to tell ya. I call it like I see it as a fan on a site where I’m always honest. I’m not some eternal optimist homer. If there owners suck, they suck. If the team sucks, they suck. I’ll always crack jokes about it, and lets be honest no Barstool employee will ever pass up an opportunity to sell some shirts. But I’m also never going to stop rooting for this team. I’m never going to put myself in a position where its me vs. the franchise where you’re openly hoping the team does poorly because it will vindicate your argument. There’s a difference between expressing frustration and living in the eternal “Mets/Jets/Knicks Suck” joke, and actually pretending you’re some revolutionary fan thats gonna make a difference. Just sit down, shut up, drink your beer, watch the team, and tweet about how much they suck and shit when they inevitably let us down again with the rest of us. Enough with the dramatics.

And again, maybe in 2009 it would be a different story. Coming off of 2 collapses, embroiled in a financial scandal, with zero light at the end of the tunnel. But as awful as the Wilpons are and as frustrating as Sandy’s inactivity has been, I’m still more excited about the Mets than I’ve been in years. Most Mets fans are. Most of us can’t wait for Opening Day. Most of us cant wait for the return of Matt Harvey. The three headed monster of him, deGrom and Wheeler. Juanny Beisbol gobbling up everything hit his way. The Wilmer Flores/Ruben Tejada platoon at shortstop. Wait, no hold up. Not that. But everything else, yea, its time to get excited. And there you are with your dick in your hand and a dumb ass billboard. Again, Lord knows I’m not Mr. Glass Half Full when it comes to the Mets. But you picked the only time the rest of us are excited about the team to try to rally us against the franchise.