We Need More Referees Like This Guy

I'll be honest - I had to watch this a few times to even understand what happened here. 

At first I thought the referee was just so caught up in the emotion of the fight that this over-the-top fall was simply his reaction to the knockout.

I thought, "Man, I love when referees are passionate like Steve Willis...but this just seems like a bit too much."

When I came to my senses and realized what was actually happening here, I was not only stunned, but moved, and reminded of my childhood, weirdly. One of my favorite games to play as a kid was, "Don't Let The Balloon Touch The Ground". 

You could play by yourself, with a friend, with a dog (probably not with a cat, they're too stupid), or with a group, and no matter what, it was electric. There'd always be some awesome last second saves and dives that make it feel like you were in the outfield at Yankee Stadium in October, and I don't think I ever played a game without breaking a sweat. 

(Now I think people call it SpikeBall and act like it's an adult game but I digress...)

Well, ladies and gentlemen - this referee basically plays, "Don't Let The Balloon Touch The Ground", with KO'd fighters' heads and it's incredible. Some people talk the talk about fighter safety and CTE prevention and all of that nonsense, but others walk the walk. 

You could tell it ain't his first rodeo either! He had the timing, positioning, and fall of a man who's never seen a head bounce off his canvas in his life. I fucking love it. We need more refs like this guy.