Jeff Bezos Pledges 1/4th A Dick Pic Worth Of Money To Planet Earth

Guess who's jumping on board the fight climate change train. Jeff "mother fucking" Bezos.

10 billion is not too shabby. It's almost exactly one fourth of what he paid ex-wife Mackenzie Bezos in what appeared to be an amicable divorce and why not for 38 billion. It's also about one thirteenth of his current estimated net worth of 130 billion dollars.

For those of you that are thinking this new 'Earth Fund' has something to do with hundreds of Amazon employees signing a petition recently complaining of the companies climate policies, or think this has something to do with tax breaks, you're wrong.  

The real reason is because Jeff Bezos himself has said this of earth...

“We’ve sent robotic probes to all the planets in our solar system. Guess what the best planet is in the solar system? Earth is the best planet, It is not close. This one is really good.” - Bezos at Blue Origin

After all, as Bezos knows first hand, we have doctors that can perform boob jobs on earth. 

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