Okay So Jessica Simpson Isn't Messing Around Anymore, Got It

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Big time resurgence from Jessica these last couple of months.  Before that she had gotten fat and apparently took it personally because the only headlines I can recall seeing for her recently is “Look at Jessica’s legs!” and “Jessica sporting a tight black dress”.  I even wrote a blog less than a month ago with a picture of her laying in a Fuck Me pose in the back of her car.  I should’ve seen the writing on the wall then but I didn’t.  All of this is clearly no accident and her Redemption Tour continued with that latest Instagram picture of her looking hot as shit laying out and catching some sun.  The sooner all of us accept that Dukes of Hazzard Jessica Simpson is never coming back the sooner we’ll start appreciating the new hot Jessica Simpson.  Dukes of Hazzard JS was like Pedro in ’99 and 2000.  We won’t be that again for a long long time.  2014 JS won’t ever touch that but that’s okay.  Those legs still look fantastic.