Joakim Noah Yelling On PMT About Those Bulls Teams Hit Me Hard

I think it's pretty rare to be that candid about failure. 

Sure, you may have heard your buddy talk about losing in the State playoffs in High School this way, but to see a professional athlete yell like that all these years later is something you just don't always see. It's also why we love Jo dearly in Chicago. Whether it was the final possession or he was on the end of the bench in a suit he always wanted to win. His $100M+ would've cleared either way, but it still mattered to Noah every night.

Outsiders like to give us shit because we hold a team that never made it outside of an Eastern Conference Finals so high, but I don't think they realize all the things about those teams that made em special. The group of guys who Big Cat named at the end of the show that share accolades with Noah is one reason. Derrick's MVP & injuries are another, and so on and so forth.

If you're a Bulls fan and haven't listened to it yet I highly, highly recommend doing it ASAP:

P.S. - It really is insane that he isn't playing somewhere. Every team in the NBA could use his leadership/energy off the bench and that's just a fact.