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How Fucked Is Bill deBlasio?

Police Turning Their Backs On Mayor deBlasio At The Hosptial

Blaming the media for dividing the city


Daily MailNew York Mayor Bill de Blasio feared police officers were spying on his conversations during his election campaign last year, it has emerged. In an early sign of his tension with the force, de Blasio’s team was ‘convinced’ that members of his police detail were listening in on his private conversations inside his city-assigned car, a former de Blasio aide has told Politico. De Blasio would even step into the street to make sure he was out of their earshot, the aide added. The mayor’s office has not yet responded to a request for comment on the claims. They have been made as tensions between the mayor and the NYPD are at an all-time high, with many accusing de Blasio of inciting violence against police officers. They say his distrust ultimately led to the murders of two officers in a patrol car in Brooklyn on Saturday. The vitriol towards de Blasio comes after he threw his support behind crowds protesting police violence in the aftermath of the deaths of unarmed black men Eric Garner and Michael Brown at the hands of white officers. After expressing his shock that grand juries had failed to indict the officers involved in the cases, de Blasio also explained that he has long warned his teenage son Dante – who is mixed race – to be careful of his conduct around police. He has also been pictured with civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton and invited him to City Hall, where he denounced the police – as he sat at a table with Police Commissioner Bill Bratton. Earlier this month, the city’s largest police union said the mayor had abandoned the police and urged members to sign a letter insisting that the mayor stay away from their funeral should they be killed while on duty.  This weekend, following the deaths of Wenjian Liu, 32, and Rafael Ramos, 40, cops made their contempt for de Blasio known by turning their backs on him as he arrived at the hospital where the bodies were taken. 

Nice knowin ya, deBlasio. This dude is fucking toast. You cannot, I repeat, cannot go against the media and the police in this city. Its like trying to win a war with the fans. Its NEVER gonna go your way. Its one thing if you have certain anti-police views as a normal person. Its another thing to be the goddam mayor and be paranoid and accusing the police of spying on you and then criticizing their performance and blaming them in controversial situations. Because as mayor of this city, one of your most important duties is keeping the streets safe. And in order to do that, guess who need? The fucking police, you dunce. At some point deBlasio has gotta realize he’s supposed to be the leader of this city, and in order to lead safely and effectively, you need allies. The two biggest allies you need are law enforcement and the media. And he has clearly waged war with both those groups. Ho hum, no big deal, I’ve been mayor for like 45 minutes and I’ve alienated the two most important organizations in the city.

I can appreciate a mayor with progressive thoughts. I can appreciate a mayor who doesnt just give anybody with a badge and a gun carte blanche to do whatever they want. Of course you need a leader who can keep these guys in check. And if deBlasio truly felt the cops were at fault in the Eric Garner death, I cant even fault him. Sometimes I feel that way and I know a lot of other people do to. But like I said, we dont run this city. We can criticize at happy hour and on social media and it doesnt compromise this city. When deBlasio is on the record blaming police and accusing them of spying and calling out the media, he completely undermines himself and his ability to do his job. I always say to the anti-cop protesters “I hope you never need any help from the police.” The thing is, deBlasio knows, 100% that he will need their support and he’s still spouting off like a jackass. And his precious protestors that he encouraged now wont listen to him as he tells them to stand down. Shocking huh! Thats what you get for siding with the idiots in the masses as opposed to the people who have signed up to help govern and control the city. Oh and saying your mixed race son needs to be careful of the dangers he may face to further this agenda that minorities arent safe is as low as it gets. Goddam idiot.

Plus nobody liked him to begin with. All he ever cared about was fucking pre-K. Now there are real issues to be dealt with and the first thing he did is shit his pants and start pointing the fingers. Sometimes you gotta toe the company line, release a generic statement and say you stand by the guys who you need to protect your citizens.