You've Never Been As Excited For Anything As Much As This Pup Is Excited To See Its Owner

I think there’s only been one moment in the history of humans that can compare to this excitement, and thats the kid who got a Nintendo 64 for Christmas. Other than that, this puppy just trounces every bit of human excitement. Even though his owner always, 100%, without fail returns to him, every time it happens he’s this excited. Doesnt matter whether its been 4 minutes or 4 hours, when they see you they’re always ecstatic.

Which is really, when you think about it, the best part of dogs. There’s really like nobody in my life excited to see me. My wife kinda gives me a nice greeting when she gets home from work, I guess. Sometimes my mom is happy to see me. Thats really about it. Nobody is ever peeing their pants with excitement ready to throw a party for me. Except Duncan. That little clown goes nuts every time I walk through the door. Biggest confidence booster ever. He doesnt really do the salsa like this guy but he reaches as far as he can with his long ass legs and it makes me actually feel good about myself. Viva La Dogs.