This New Kevin Garnett Basketball Documentary Is Going To Kick So Much Ass

Oh hell fucking yes. All I've seen about this documentary is that 2 minute preview and in my unbiased opinion, this has the chance to be one of the most entertaining basketball documentaries of all time. I've blogged before, but these documentaries might be my all time favorite type of content. Every time we see one come out they always deliver, and Showtime especially has had some really well done documentaries with both Boogie and Ron Artest recently putting some out.

I couldn't recommend both of those enough. If you are looking for something to do to fill the void of not having basketball until Thursday, give those a watch. Then there was also the one from DRose that while it wasn't on Showtime was also awesome

But back to KG. This man has to be one of the greatest story tellers in NBA history. He's had an outrageous basketball life and I can only imagine what they are going to get into in this documentary. From that clip it sounds like we're getting stories I'm not sure we've ever heard before which certainly has my attention. The energy he gives off whenever he tells any sort of story is infectious as hell and if you heard any of his stories from this past weekend you know what a great listen he is. 


Getting a behind the scenes look at his jump from high school to the NBA from the man himself is going to be awesome. Hopefully we hear him touch on his Minnesota days, then finally joining and winning a title in Boston, give me all of it. Give me trash talking stories, give me locker room drama, give me player interactions we've never heard before, you put KG in front of a microphone and tell him to let it all out I am making it appointment viewing 10 times out of 10 and twice on Sundays. 

Having to wait until the Fall for this is some bullshit too. You know how far away that is? I don't know who I have to talk to over at Showtime but I'm going to have to ask if I can get an early release. I have absolutely no blogger juice whatsoever, but I feel like I have to shoot my shot here. Hopefully there is a stoolie over at Showtime that is reading this, because I need to see this documentary immediately and now that I know it exists there is no way I can wait until the Fall. I won't say a word, just slide into my DMs or something and let me see the greatness. I don't ask for much.