Tiger Woods Fishing His Ball Outta The Trash Is Some Real Salt Of The Earth Type Stuff

First of all, Tiger fishing his ball outta the trash is a pretty decent metaphor for the weekend he had at Riviera. The guy finished DEAD LAST out there. Out of the 68 players that made the cut at the Genesis Invitational, Tiger finished 68th. Tough. He played really really bad and we're just gonna forget it happened for the most part. We're onto the next tournament.

But the most important takeaway from that video is that Tiger Woods is a man of the people. Think about it. He's a man who has hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank, 15 majors, 82 wins on the PGA Tour, broken more records than any golfer in history and he's still willing to fish through actual garbage to retrieve his golf ball. Tiger Woods is maybe the most famous living athlete and he's still willing to get his hands dirty, literally. He's maybe the last person on Earth who needed to dig through that disgusting trash bag but he did it anyway. Tiger could've had Joe LaCava do that and Joe would've done it in a heart beat. Hell, Tiger could've asked anybody within in a 2,000 mile radius to fish that ball outta there and they would've been honored to, they would've dove in head first. But he didn't, Tiger hit the ball into the trash and he's gonna be the one to fish it out. We call that accountability. A true man of the people.