Jordan Reed Is Still In Concussion Protocol After Being Hit In The Head In The Preseason, 6 Months Ago

RotoWorld - Redskins coach Ron Rivera confirms Jordan Reed remains in the league's concussion protocol.

He's still recovering from a concussion suffered six months ago in a preseason game in Atlanta. Reed resumed practicing three weeks after his initial diagnosis but a recurrence of symptoms landed him on injured reserve about a month later. Washington hosted Panthers castoff Greg Olsen for a visit last week, suggesting the team is finally ready to move on from Reed, who has been concussed on at least seven occasions since debuting in 2013. 


This is just terrible, awful news. Jordan Reed when healthy is easily a top 5 tight end in the league. Unfortunately he has been plagued with injuries and concussions for the majority of his career, and now we find out that he's still, 6 months later, still in concussion protocol from a hit he took in the preseason. It was at least his 7th concussion, but lord knows what number it really was. What makes it worse is Jordan said the following about his concussions way back in 2015:

That was in 2015 after his 3rd concussion. Now he's had 7. Enough is enough man. At some point the NFL has to step in and say "you cannot play anymore". I feel Jordan Reed is going to be a case study on what the NFL could have done differently. I get that he loves the game, and if he's cleared he's *technically* allowed to play, but at what cost? The NFL cares about what color socks you wear or how many inches below the knee they are, I think at some point they need to care about a guy who has been in concussion protocol for 6 months. I don't know, man. These guys just want to play football so badly and are grown men who can make their own choices, but it's sucks. I hate writing this blog, I hate thinking about how Jordan Reed's future is going to be. Will Dan Snyder please just offer him a front office position or coaching position and make sure he doesn't try to step on the field again? Please?