Looks Like Mr. Shy Guy Jose Altuve Is Going To Be In Trouble With His Wife After Walking Around Shirtless Today

Well would you look at that? Big news out of Astros camp today. First of all, Jose Altuve has overcome his big issue of shyness. He's strolling around the clubhouse shirtless now! Good for him. We all have our demons and Jose has conquered his. Incredible. Secondly, it would appear Jose has put aside his wife's potential anger so that the world could see his tattoo. That's a bold strategy cotton. Happy wife means a happy life. Jose is most certainly going to be in the dog house later. T's and P's. 

And finally, there's the tattoo of his daughter Melanie! The same intricate, complicated tattoo that he couldn't finish in one day. Think about how long it must have taken to complete a script tattoo of the name "Melanie." That's a month long process at least folks. Definitely NOT something that would get done in 30 minutes tops. Nope, it was an unfinished EMBARRASSING tattoo of his DAUGHTER that the whole world was ready to mock. Everyone had their pitch forks ready to make fun of Altuve's daughter. YUP! 

Remember, this is what Carlos Correa told us. He doesn't tell lies. 

Looks like someone with the team told him to shut the fuck up. Not sure anyone has done worse for themselves over the last few days than that guy. 

Good luck not talking about this for the rest of the season.