NASA Is Taking Applications To Go To Jupiter Now That All Problems On Earth Have Been Solved

Well, if we are living in a simulation the intensity level is getting turned up quite a bit during the "lifetime" of Elon Musk. Not only is Elon about to make SpaceX the first private company to take NASA astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS), within a planned 3 months from now (completely fucking over Boeing in the process, BTW); BUT NASA is already planning where they'd like to go next after conquering Mars, and surely SpaceX may get a hand in that assuming these first crewed missions to the ISS go well, and eventually crewed missions to Mars as well.

Not only are SpaceX taking NASA to the ISS, they're deploying new "Starlink Satellites" all the time that are supposed to give us global satellite internet access one day.

Enough about SpaceX though, they're just NASA's favorite contractor right now; here's the details of where they might want to explore next after Mars:

- Neptune’s Icy Moon Triton

- Jupiter’s Volcanic Moon Io

- 2 Different methods of trying to understand the Surface of Venus

They all sound completely terrifying to me… freeze to death, burn to death, or get toxic gassed to death if things go south… and there is no chance you're getting me on a first generation space ship to any location ever; BUT if you're crazy enough to want to become a space explorer, GOOD NEWS, NASA wants you to apply starting on March 2, 2020. 

You only need a masters/PhD in a STEM field, be a medical doctor, or be a top of your class pilot, so not too bad! If you've got what it takes, and aren't scared of blowing up inside a rocket, being a space explorer would be a pretty badass job.