Tell Me If You've Heard This One Before: The Knicks Will Reportedly Reach Out To Jay Wright Regarding Their Head Coaching Vacancy


Forbes- League sources say Villanova coach Jay Wright could become the next head coach of the Knicks. “There is a strong possibility that Jay Wright in New York could happen,” one league source said. With his Hall of Fame coaching résumé, charismatic personality and easygoing manner with fans and the press, Wright has always seemed like a potential strong fit for the bright lights of Madison Square Garden. Reached by text Sunday, Wright did not offer a comment on the matter, while a Villanova spokesman said the school does not comment on speculative reports.

The Knicks were linked to Wright, 58, just two years ago after Jeff Hornacek was fired, but he ultimately passed to remain at Villanova. “It’s not that you’re not interested, I just don’t want to leave,” Wright told The New York Post then. “It’s the Knicks. You love the Garden, you love New York City, you love the Knicks. I just know I don’t want to leave Villanova.” “I love my job,” added Wright. “You would love that opportunity, that challenge, especially in New York, especially the Knicks, but you have to leave your job, and I love my job.”

Blogger's Note: Since time is a flat circle in Knicksland where we hear the same rumors about potential saviors like Masai Ujiri, Jay Wright, or [Insert NBA Superstar about to become a free agent in a photoshopped Knicks Jersey] coming to fix the franchise, I figured I would simply reblog my story about Jay Wright being linked to the Knicks since it happened less than two years ago and today is a pseudo holiday at Barstool (blog don't sleep though). All changes to the blog will be noted in BOLD. 

Live look at the Knicks shooting their shot with Jay Wright:


And lets give credit where credit is due.


I know this is a huuuuge longshot, but we cannot let Jay Wright be enticed by James Dolan's bottomless bank account and the dream of coaching a big name NBA team. It's not because I care about Villanova's program or college basketball. I don't give a fuck about teams that Philly loves or the corrupt ass NCAA. Let them both rot in the misery that Knicks fans have lived in this century.

I care about Jay Wright because I am a human being and don't want him falling victim to the classic sports movie trope of leaving a great situation for the shitty, well-paying situation with the evil villain owner. Villanova just came off one of the most dominant college basketball runs we have ever seen and has become a well-oiled machine. To leave that incredible situation for a few bad seasons with the Knicks would be lunacy. Plus lets call a spade a spade. Jay Wright is wayyyyyy too handsome and good to even THINK of working for the Knicks as currently constituted, with Frumpy Jimmy Dolan and Basketball Bankruptcy Steve Mills atop the org chart (Blogger's Note: Damn it felt good to cross that out). 

Being the head coach of the Knicks ages you like Jail Years, Presidential Years, and dare I say Blogger Years. If you don't believe me, look at what Jay Wright would look like after only two seasons coaching the Knicks.

There was a tweet here showing a Photoshop of Jay Wright looking all sorts of disheveled that has since been deleted and there is no replacement since Jay Wright looking ugly has never actually happened.

Scary, right? Pat Riley would probably look like one of the creatures scurrying through Penn Station at 4 a.m. if James Dolan ran the Knicks during his time here. We can't let that happen to Jay Wright. He should be holding out for a job like Billy Donovan got with the Thunder when they had Durant, Westbrook, and a team that took the 73-win Warriors to the brink of elimination. For Wright to even answer James Dolan's call would make me sad. And I'm saying that as someone that loves the Knicks.

All this doesn't matter though. We all know they will hire some coach that will get fired in two years and continue to run out this cycle of misery until Dolan sells the team or dies. Now lets end the blog with one of the legitimately most impressive/saddest stats I have ever seen.

UPDATE: This is now 13 head coaches since the start of the 2001-02 season with the same amount of playoff wins and will be 14 if Jay Wright or anyone else replaces Mike Miller since David Fizdale didn't even make it two full years, which makes one of the legitimately most impressive/saddest stats I have evern seen somehow even more impressive/sadder.

Stay away, Jay. Stay away.

Oh yeah and fuck this franchise.