Report: The Bulls Want To Clean House After #FireGarPax Started Trending Last Night

*narrator voice*

Not even 4 hours earlier

Great sequence of events as the Sun Times and ESPN are reporting that the Bulls front office very likely doesn't see the 2021 season. Honestly as a Chicago sports fan, getting that cluster fuck turned around is #1 on my list of things that need to happen. The Bulls virtually don't even exist any more and it's 100% on the front office for creating the most toxic environment in the NBA. Nobody wants to play here and the local media couldn't help themselves from feasting on the story all week. This is a huge win for everybody. 

But like with most things in life, someone should get more credit than others. Here are my leading candidates for getting the most credit for Michael Reinsdorf finally breaking and realizing that his favorite player growing up (John Paxson) actually fucking sucks proverbial balls at organizing an NBA roster. Who deservers the most praise? 


Big Cat - he got it trending in the 1st place so go ahead and throw Dan in the mix. Centuries from now we'll be able to measure his true influence. For now I'm inclined to take the over. 

Kevin Garnett - he made it pretty simple

But for the record, MJ was a better player than owner so idk how much Bulls fans really "regret" this one. 

Michael Jordan - purely speculation but I can see MJ just trashing Jerry at some kind of buffet-style brunch with a bunch of other rich people to the point that Jerry yugg'd his orange juice and stormed out irate. The only person in the universe that can get under Jerry Reinsdorf's skin is MJ and you know there's no shot MJ would pass at the chance to remind him that 22 years ago was a much better time. 

The Fans - ahhhh yes. Democracy and the power of the people. Even though we've been clamoring for change for a solid 3+ years now it doesn't matter. We finally got our way by publicly embarrassing the team's perception on a national stage for the last couple days and honestly it feels great. Jim John and Gar can be as nice as they want and I'm sure they make great drinking buddies and assistant coaches. But no where under the jurisdiction of the United States should any of those 3 clowns get a chance to have executive decision power with a multi-billion dollar organization. Otherwise you risk creating the biggest steaming pile of shit in professional sports and the reality is Michael Jordan's Bulls have turned into exactly that. 

Buy a t-shirt before they fire these guys 

PS - I'm happiest for Big Cat's brain. Guy needs a break.