Just Give Jack Eichel The Hart Trophy Now After Ripping Out The Hearts Of These Maple Leafs Fans

The Buffalo Sabres are doing that thing again where they're wasting a prime year of Jack Eichel's greatness. He's top 10 in goals right now, he's on pace to have 100 points this season. Seems like a pretty tasty year for your team's captain right? Only issue is that he has at least 26 points more than anybody else on the roster. And after Reinhart, the other top point scorers on this team is a rookie who was injured for a full month and then Rasmus Dahlin. So because of that, the Sabres are 8 points out of a playoff spot with just about 20 games left to go in the regular season.

So the only feasible path the Sabres have to make the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the first time since 2011 is if Jack Eichel takes matters into his own hands and causes the Toronto Maple Leafs to completely implode. Which is exactly what he did yesterday. 

And then Buffalo would go on to add another 2 goals after this one just a minute and a half later. Goodnight Jim Kyte.

Now to be fair, I don't have any personal qualms with Toronto fans. Very rarely do Toronto and Philly fans ever really need to clash. But I'd still put them right up there with the likes of Yankees/Lakers/Cowboys fans. The type of fans who act as if the sport doesn't even exist if you're not talking about the Leafs. Which is hilarious because even the Flyers have won a Stanley Cup more recently than Toronto and the Flyers organization has been cursed for damn near 50 years. So for Jack Eichel to score the game winner here and immediately tell those fans from Toronto sitting in the first few rows to keep their asses in their seats? That's your league MVP right there. It doesn't even matter that he has like a quarter of the Sabres' total points this year. Just look at all these miserable dorks. 

My god. It's beautiful. This deserves to get hung up on the front door to the Hockey Hall of Fame. It should be the first thing you see when you walk in there. Stay seated. 

3 straight wins for Buffalo, taking 2 points in regulation against the Leafs, Eichel gets the Chiclets Bump...all I'm saying is if Lloyd Christmas had a one in a million chance with Mary Swanson, the Sabres have a one in a million shot of actually pulling this off.