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Soooo, John Beilein Is Reportedly Done Coaching The Cavs - Welcome On Back To College Hoops

Wait, you mean hiring a guy without any NBA experience who is a phenomenal college coach wasn't going to work out? This is just shocking. This is also just an all-time news dump by everyone involved here. This broke in the middle of the All-Star Game. I almost respect this for leaking then. Everyone focused on how awesome the 4th quarter of the All-Star Game is and we're just reporting that John Beilein may or may not be done coaching the Cavs. 

Here's the thing. Beilein is made to coach college hoops. It's a completely different game. You're coaching kids vs pros. He's a much better 'teacher' which is key to the college game. That's why him leaving for the Cavs was shocking. He had Michigan rolling. He also turned down the opportunity to leave for the NBA before so not quite sure why he did it then. 

Now welcome on back to college hoops, Beilein. If he does leave now he'll be ahead of the curve so to speak in terms of being able to get hired by a college team. He won't have to wait for the NBA season to end. There will be plenty of options for him too - hell, people are already talking about him joining Texas if they fire Shaka Smart. 

Either way, this is one of the more bizarre things from the hire to this to how quick it's all falling apart. He belongs in college hoops anyways.