'From Kobe. It's 8 $100 Bills' - The AWESOME Story Jerry Ferrara (Turtle) Told Of Kobe Bryant Betting With The The Entourage Guys

I saw this last night from our guy Jerry Ferrara and well really also Kevin Connolly too since Jerry forgot some of the details. This legit reads like a scene out of the episode of Entourage. You're telling me that you can't picture Turtle and E standing around Staples Center and betting Kobe $800 about making or missing free throws only for that to be delivered midway through the game? 

Now remember this was 2005. This was still peak Kobe. It was also year 2 of Entourage, so we're not talking late seasons or anything crazy like that. So call me crazy but I get how awesome it must have been to get $800 delivered to you. 

It doesn't get cooler than this if you're Kobe too. You lost the bet straight up, you owe them money. Now you typically would just you know, pay the person then. A simple handshake, good job, good effort type deal. But, nah. Having someone walk up to them midway through the 2nd quarter, tapping them on the shoulder and delivering 8 $100 bills is just way cooler. 

Kobe missing both of these shots is by far the biggest shock of all this, right? The dude was considered one of the most clutch players of this era. It's not like he was known for passing up on taking a shot (hence why the bet makes 100% complete sense here). It's not like he was known for constantly missing said shot. The fact he missed both was a shock. As the text kept going I assumed Kobe hustled them out of the double or nothing part. That would also be 100% believable from Kobe. The dude would do anything to win. 

Just an awesome story from our guys. 

PS: Smush Parker being in this story makes me laugh out loud. Don't know why but Jerry dropping that Smush shot 30 times is hilarious.