Magic Johnson Led A Heartfelt Tribute To Kobe Bryant To Kick Off The All Star Game

Even though it's been a little while since the tragic accident, things still don't really feel real. All Star Weekend without Kobe Bryant? That seems so foreign. After the league officially changed the name of the All Star Game MVP to the Kobe Bryant MVP and then there was Dwight's tribute last night, you knew the moment tonight would be special. That was some real shit you feel deep down in the pit of your stomach. 

I can only imagine how hard it is for someone like Magic to get up on stage and lead a moment like that, but man did he knock it out of the park. Nobody on earth was making a sound for those 8 seconds. Whether you were in the arena or at home. I know I sure as hell didn't. The to follow it up with Jennifer Hudson and that type of performance. Well done all around.

Now we're about to see something I don't think we've ever see before. Every single player tonight is going to be going 100% from the jump to honor Kobe. We are about to see the best players in the world give a shit for 48 minutes and go at one another. Just like Kobe did in this game. Everyone is going to be after the first ever Kobe Bryant MVP, and I can't wait to see who gets it.