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The Funny Or Die Spoof Of The Serial Finale Is Brilliant

Perfect. The only thing that would make this better is if Julia Louis Dreyfuss played Sarah Koenig because this is 100% an Elaine scenario. Peterman expecting her to provide some incredible revelation in the finale and she has no idea what shes doing and she’s just snaking her way through it. The Adnan quotes (“You know, I’m just like, too well spoken to be a murderer. You know what I’m sayin?) The MailChimp quotes (“I gotta be honest, this child murder has been great for Mail Crimp”) and the Sarah meltdown (“What do you want? I do a podcast. It was supposed to be for 4 people. Do you think if I thought this was gonna be anything I would have MAIL CHIMP sponsor us??”) are all perfect.

Its funny because everyone in the world knows there isnt going to be some big Hollywood script ending. There will be no twist or revelation. But yet everyone is still sitting here like “If this just ends with her saying she doesnt know the answer I’m gonna be so fucking pissed.” We’ll see how the world actually reacts in a little over 24 hours. Its not gonna be that satisfying ending but it was still a fascinating, unprecedented phenomenon for a nerdy podcast to captivate this many people. Regardless of the finale, it was still the entertainment story of the year for me.