Bartolo Colon: Baseball Legend, Sexual Icon, And Apparently A Motherfucking Pool Shark

A word to the wise. If you see Bartolo Colon at your local watering hole, your best course of action is to run to the nearest exit and hope Big Sexy didn't see you. Because if he did, he is either going steal your heart by flashing that Big Bart smile, steal your money on the pool table, or steal your girl and start yet another family. Regardless of what happens, you are going to end up a little lighter than you were before you entered that bar. 

I already knew that Tolo was a lovable legend on the diamond and in the sheets. But watching Bart casually make billiard balls disappear on the pool table like he made baseballs disappear for Big League hitters while throwing in the 80s is all the proof I need that he is a great white on the green felt, no matter how convenient that camera work hid the fate of the cue ball.If Jeff Wilpon is serious about earning back the fans’ trust, he should bring Big Sexy back tomorrow as either a pitcher, a coach, or my personal choice, a much-needed director of morale.