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Tim Howard Is Getting Magazine Covers Now And It Turns Out He Has A Shit Ton Of Tattoos

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Daily Mail- The World Cup may be over but you haven’t seen the last of goalkeeper Tim Howard, the undisputed breakout star for the United States at the soccer tournament in Brazil. Howard’s heroics as the U.S. made it through to the round of 16 earned him a legion of new fans and he’s currently advertising hot property as big brands fall over themselves in order to sign him up for endorsement deals. The goalkeeper, who plays for English Premier League team Everton, has his tattooed torso and rugged good looks on display on the cover of the latest edition of Adweek. Howard’s gutsy performances in the tournament, especially against Belgium on July 1 when he made a record 16 saves, earned him ringing endorsements from everyone from Tom Hanks to President Obama. His twitter account @TimHowardGK gained nearly half a million new followers and with his popularity at all all-time high, he is set to cash in on his newfound celebrity and break into the endorsement big league.

My man Timmy Howard!  An American hero, non-hugger, tattoo-covered goal stopper.  No more World Cup?  No problem.  Companies are just throwing magazine covers and endorsement deals his way and I love it.  The guy is a star.  I thought he would have a problem staying relevant but with magazine covers like this one and a potential for the EPL to become more popular here in the States, Howard might have a chance.  We don’t need less Tim Howard in our lives, we need a lot more Tim Howard.  Also, I think the kids nowadays are saying “no homo” whenever something may come across or be perceived as homosexual so let’s do it like this:  No homo, shirtless Tim Howard looks like a fucking badass with all of those tattoos.  Don’t act like you don’t think so because it makes you uncomfortable.  He should’ve showed that ink off before the World Cup started.  Other teams would’ve been so scared they’d have been shitting their pants before getting anywhere near the goal.  Who saw those tattoos coming coming?  I sure as hell didn’t.  He’s like the Kevin Durant of soccer when it comes to tattoos.  Have you seen Durant’s tattoos?  Probably not.  He doesn’t have any on his arms but underneath the jerseys his entire torso is covered with them.  We’re talking a Lil Wayne amount of tattoos.  Tim Howard is apparently the same way.