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Watch The 5th Hole At Riviera Murder Leaders Rory McIlroy And Adam Scott


We all live for the carnage. Always have, always will*. Well the 5th at Riviera delivered some diabolical carnage today. Rory and Adam Scott came to this tee tied for the lead. Then played it at a combined 5-over par to completely flip the golf tournament. They were both pin-high in two shots on the par 4. 

Best part? It was during the Golf Channel --> CBS coverage gap, so we missed it in real time. Didn't get to see any of this horror show until well later when the Tour posted on social.

Still fun to watch. Watching birdies is fun sometimes. You know what's always fun? Watching triples*. Makes us all feel at least that little bit better about ourselves.

*except when you woke up and bet the house on Rory +160 to win