Vindog's Top 5 Plumbers

The Romans were considered " The Greatest Plumbers" because they created water delivery and waste removal systems. But their water ran through lead pipes and their waste through the streets in open trenches. Unsanitary, unhealthy, and the entire city smelled like shit! Which may be where my quote “Some people stand knee-deep in shit for so long they don’t even smell it-” originated?

The new generation of American Plumbers no longer use lead pipes and waste is now carried through underground piping. 

Here's my list of top 5 Plumbers:


5)  Thomas Crapper: People poke fun of Crapper's name and dispute his accomplishments, but legend has it he was able to design one of the first toilets that worked. Real or not, every time I take a crap or visit the crapper, I thank Sir Thomas!


4)  Super Mario Brothers: Two Italian-American plumbers, Mario and Luigi, were first featured in an 80's Nintendo video game where they were tasked with investigating the sewers in NYC and exterminating its creatures. The Mario Brothers instantly became everyone's favorite plumbers. Makes you wonder if having a moustache makes you a better plumber? I think so!


3)  Conor McGregor: Before becoming a dominant UFC fighter, McGregor was an Apprentice Plumber. Early on, McGregor worked 12 hour days and would then head to the gym. Once he started winning bouts, he put down his wrenches and became UFC Champion. Had McGregor not become a champion, Notorious Plumbing and Heating has a nice ring to it, don't you think?


2)  Richard Trethewey: Rich was the first serious TV Plumber, teaming with other tradesmen on "This Old House" in 1979. Years ago I met Rich at a tradeshow. I remember him commenting on how much my first-born son, three years old at the time and sporting a full mullet like mine, looked like me. Yup, Vindog and sons went full mullet for longer than they should have, and the boys have never forgiven me. 


1)  Irv Bromberg: Irv was my father in-law, the first Master Plumber I apprenticed under and one of the hardest working people I've ever met. He taught me how to effectively plunge stubborn sinks using a basic plunger and I’ve been working the hell out of the plunger ever since! On my first day working for him, he removed a ring from a toilet. He flipped it to me and being the knucklehead that I was, I put it on my finger and began admiring it. He waited and then informed me it was actually solidified urine! Great plumber; strange sense of humor...