What The Hell Happened Again: Every Single Thing You Need To Know About College Hoops Saturday

Yesterday's slate was actually kinda average - especially when you look at last Saturday's and some of the games we had during the week. However, there was plenty going on while you were likely drinking a zillion beers and watching Dana B. find love. This blog will get you caught up on everything you need to know while you recover to drink a zillion more, watch some racing and finish the night with the All-Star Game. Have a Sunday. 

Top-25 Scores

Maryland took a massive step to clinch the Big 10 regular season

This was a weird game. You had Maryland come out on fire and really just control the first half. Then, as it seems to be with every Maryland game where there's one bad half, Michigan State controlled the entire second half until this play happened above. The floor slap followed by collapsing. Anthony Cowan sealed the game drilling a bunch of threes to bury Michigan State. So let's talk about Maryland. It's going to sound like I'm talking out of both sides of my mouth, but here's where we are. Winning games is important, the fact they are winning games is impressive. I didn't think they could do that. However, I haven't been impressed by Maryland. There's still major flaws that they have - most notably not really running an offense and it strictly being Cowan/Smith bailing them out late - see the IU game, this game, Nebraska, etc. Honestly, the biggest benefit for Maryland was the Mitchell twins transferring. It forced Turgeon to go mostly 5-out and not playing 10 guys in a half for no reason. 

Speaking of Michigan State ...

Yeah, they are in serious trouble. It doesn't matter how good Cassius Winston is, this team is just very average with serious flaws. It showed the most when they were down 62-60 coming out of a timeout with the ball. Izzo put in Thomas Kithier at the 4 spot and Maryland just straight up didn't guard him the entire possession. I'm not even talking just about on the perimeter. They left him to double at all times. Michigan State didn't score. They really miss Kenny Goins. They just don't have a consistent guy on the wing/stretch spot. 

The Big East race is officially on 

Heading into this week it looked like Seton Hall was about to lock up the Big East. They had a 3-game lead over Creighton and Nova. Instead they lost a home game to Creighton and lost on the road to Providence after making a comeback. Creighton is now just 1 back with 3 games at home, including ending the season vs Seton Hall, and one of the two road trips being St. John's. Nova is one back too with a trip to Seton Hall left. For my money the Big East is the best conference in America and we're about to get a hell of a race down the stretch here. 

Baylor is so goddamn good

They are the best team in the country. No debate about it. They played with MaCio Teague - a starter and pretty important player for them. They just kicked West Virginia's ass. And sure, WVU's guards are just horrendous, but it's still a statement. Give me Kansas/Baylor next Saturday already.

Kentucky's 'down year' is pretty good again

And just like that Kentucky is in sole possession of the SEC with a trip to LSU on Tuesday. Did they have an ugly win over Ole Miss? Absolutely. But if we're crediting teams for finding ways to win they did just that despite shooting 9% from three. Kentucky continues to be one of the most balanced teams in the country and more importantly they are one of the 10 best FT shooting teams in the country. That's something Kentucky hasn't had before. 


Louisville stinks again

Louisville is a complete mess - losing to Georgia Tech and Clemson this week. Chris Mack benched Jordan Nwora against Georgia Tech and didn't start him today. He's supposed to be an All-American, star for Louisville. He simply isn't. There are too many games he just doesn't show up. Part of that is his inability to break people down off the dribble and be a true playmaker from the wing. Part of that is just his game. Part of the problem is guard play too. They need to just hand the keys to David Johnson and let him go. Darius Perry/Fresh Kimble/Ryan McMahon aren't the answers. Either way, for a team that was in prime position to win the ACC, they just fell apart. 

Alabama's Herb Jones is a football guy's guy

Herb Jones has a fractured wrist on his dominant hand. You think he gives a shit? He played with a massive cast and got SEVENTEEN rebounds against LSU. Oh, he also drilled those one handed FTs in the clutch. Ultimate football guy's guy. Also a win that Alabama needed. They are getting closer to the bubble now with wins over LSU and Auburn. 

Shaka Smart is about to be done at Texas 

That coaching hire appeared to be awesome at the time. Shaka Smart was THE guy everyone wanted to hire. He turned VCU into a Final Four team. He had them rolling. However, you can't recruit like Texas wants to recruit and play HAVOC. There hasn't been any resemblance of offense. It's been a failure. Texas quit on Shaka Smart yesterday when they got their ass kicked by Iowa State. It's only a matter of time before everyone quits there too. 

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