What an absolute CROCK OF HORSESHIT. Derrick Jones Jr. had himself a fine night. A great night. This was Aaron Gordon vs. Zach LaVine Lite. Very good dunk contest that has been TAINTED by Dwyane Wade's judging. I understand wanting to end it, guys are itching to get to the club, I get it. But just give Aaron Gordon his rightful dunk contest crown. That's all the man wants. He plays for the Orlando Magic for crying out loud. He doesn't have anything BUT the dunk contest. And he comes up snake eyes yet again despite putting up FIVE 50s. FIVE. No trophy. Even Derrick Jones couldn't believe it. Dwyane "The Russian Judge" Wade should be investigated and stripped of all future judging considerations. THE MAN DUNKED OVER TACKO FUCKING FALL, HAVE YOU NO SOUL???