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Aaron Gordon And Tacko Fall Were Robbed Of The Slam Dunk Contest Title

Holy shit is the Dunk Contest back? I think it might be. It started off slow, but with Aaron Gordon doing nothing but throwing up 50s and Derrick Jones Jr doing some shit we've never seen before, this was by far the best dunk contest since 2016. I feel for Aaron Gordon, the dude had nothing but 50s and then dunked over Tacko. He's 7'5!! But at the same time Derrick Jones Jr put on one hell of a show himself which made for one hell of a competition

You can make a very good argument that Derrick Jones Jr did enough to win. But come on. How do you rob Aaron Gordon from this award again? Have a sense of the moment for me one time. You bring in Tacko and that should be the cherry on top. Everyone loves Tacko. You robbing Tacko of that moment is shameful. I want those judges investigated immediately.