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A Little Bit More About Comcast And How They Are The Worst Company In The Entire Universe

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When you pay for something, you expect it to work. If it doesn’t work, you expect the company to fix it. Comcast will do neither. If you follow me on Twitter, you will know that every day this week, my Internet has gone out for long periods at a time, for no reason. It hasn’t worked properly for a single day since I got it installed on April 9th. Sometimes it’s just ultra-slow and laggy, but usually it just fails to work at all. And when you work at home, and rely on the internet for your job, it becomes a problem when it doesn’t work.

This week, I have had two different tech guys come out and basically laugh in my face. The first tech guy laughed at the installation. He couldn’t believe what he was looking at. So he reinstalled it and told me I was good to go. It worked for 22 hours before stopping again. The second tech guy came out today. He looked inside the cable box thing outside and literally laughed out loud about the levels and channels and some other shit I don’t understand. He then told me it’s all messed up, called his boss about how the cables outside are all wrong, told me he can’t fix it, and then went home. Was fantastic.

Basically where we’re at is that I’m paying for Comcast and they refuse to fix the issue. It will take actual work for this to get resolved, and they simply won’t do it. I call and they tell me to reset my modem. Thanks, guys. They know it’s their wiring, but they try to get me to reset my modem. Today they told me someone would come out today and look at the outside wiring, and then when nobody did and I called back, they told me nobody is coming until Saturday. They straight up lie to you, and they know I can’t even threaten to switch companies because nothing else is offered where I live. I’m moving at the end of my lease just to change internet companies.

Oh and the first time I called today, while my internet was down and completely not working, the guy in technical support who was looking at my account told me Comcast sold me the “slow” internet and tried to get me to upgrade to business internet. I lost my mind. I repeated his words back to him to make sure I heard him correctly. He tried to upsell me internet, despite knowing the wiring that allows the internet to work is busted. And he admitted to me Comcast sells cheap, unreliable, slow internet. He then said he “misspoke”. It was the most absurd interaction ever.

So yea. Another person is coming out tomorrow to “fix it”. I’m basically setting up appointments for every day of the week until something happens. Not really sure what else to do. I’m actually in awe of how terrible they are. Like, people joke about Comcast being awful and all that, but they truly are the worst company I’ve ever seen or dealt with. It’s almost inspiring, really. Being a zillion dollar company while simultaneously being the worst company in America. That’s really hard to do.

That’s all. Thanks for reading. Just know you’re not alone in your struggles. Fuck Comcast.