Buddy Hield Is A Stone Cold Assassin!!

When we saw the field of the 3PT Shooting Contest is loaded with absolute snipers, you knew it was going to be fun as hell. While it sucked that Dame got hurt and wouldn't be participating, replacing him with Devin Booker isn't too shabby. There's just something about watching dudes get in the rhythm shooting threes that I will always love. It's why every summer I can't stop watching all those videos that players put out of them in the gym. 

Well it's safe to say this year's three point contest delivered. Devin Booker came out like a madman

and backed it up with a solid 26 in the final round


But then Hield went nuts and won the whole damn thing with a walkoff three. That's how you fucking do it. That's the drama this All Star Weekend needed, and it begs the question… the 3 PT Contest back?