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It's Simply Impossible To Lose To Ole Miss When You're Kentucky And Have 'Big Balls' Quickley On Your Team

Never. In. Doubt. That's the case when you have Immanuel Big Balls Quickley on your roster. Who cares if you shoot like shit? 2-for-22 from the 3pt line was the only blemish today really. They defended perfectly fine. They attacked the rim. They shot free throws fine. They just couldn't shoot from the outside for shit.

It doesn't matter though. Kentucky simply can't lose to Ole Miss. They lost to them ONCE (1) ever in Rupp Arena. Zero chance that would be two today. I don't need to see some win probability shit that pretended to gave Ole Miss a chance. Quickley and Nick Richards showed why they are the two most improved players in the country. They just took over in the second half and willed Kentucky back to this win. Oh, you know what else helps? This guy

Beat LSU on Tuesday now.