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Latest From the Sony Hack: Trebek Threatened To Quit Jeopardy Because Some Kids Contestant's Mother Complained He Was Mean

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NY Post – Alex Trebek refused to give in to the demands of a whiny stage mom — warning Sony he would end his 30-year run as “Jeopardy” host if they had a problem with it, hacked emails revealed Tuesday. The “Jeopardy! Kids” contestant’s helicopter mother had blown a gasket because the beloved game show icon didn’t move a muscle as her “visibly upset” daughter stormed offstage when she was eliminated prior to the Final Jeopardy round, according to messages leaked by the Guardians of Peace hacker group. An exchange between Trebek and Sony producers in which the longtime host passionately defends his actions was uncovered by“If I’m making mistakes and saying things you don’t like, maybe it’s time for me to move on,” Trebek wrote to producers. “It’s not a threat, but I want to let you know how I’m feeling.” The game show icon warned Sony he would call it quits because producers had asked him to re-tape the emotional segment. Toward the end of the show, the young girl had been in the red — making her ineligible to play the Final Jeopardy round, reports. This was ultimately the reason why she fled the stage in tears, according to the emails. Eventually the youngster calmed down and returned to the set to watch another episode as an audience member. But her nagging mom wasn’t going to let Trebek slide — she complained in a scathing letter to producers in which she called out the longtime host. “If he had taken the time, he would have known, like you do, that my daughter is not a sore loser, and does not become emotional solely over losing a game,” she wrote, adding that she “was quite a bit taken [aback]” by his reaction. “She was upset about not being able to completely play the game to the end,” she continued. “I don’t think I’ll ever forgive him for that.” Producers responded by saying “Alex’s intentions were good” and that they would ask him to re-tape the segment “to appease an upset mother who could start another feeding frenzy about Alex’s perceived insensitivity,” according to the emails. But Trebek wouldn’t go down so easily, firing back at Sony with some complaints of his own. “If you all think I should retape the opening, I will,” he wrote. “But I want to say that for 30 years I’ve defended our show against attacks inside and out. But it doesn’t seem to operate both ways. When I’m vilified, corporate (and certainly legal) always seems to say ‘don’t say anything and it’ll blow over,’ and I’m not feeling support from the producers, and that disappoints the s—t out of me.”

What planet are we on? Honest question this cant be a story from Jeopardy on planet Earth. Because this makes no goddam sense. Your dumb daughter is in the red at the end of Double Jeopardy, can’t participate in Final Jeopardy, and thats somehow Alex Trebek’s fault? He wasn’t sensitive enough to your stupid daughter? “She was upset about not being able to completely play the game to the end,” she continued. “I don’t think I’ll ever forgive him for that.” Newsflash you fucking idiots – it ain’t Alex’s fault you had negative money after two rounds of play. Maybe your daughter should never forgive herself for her shitty play. Because thats the real reason she didnt make it to Final Jeopardy.

Now dont get me wrong, Trebek can be a real cocksucker. When he overdoes it with his French accent I wanna punch him in the face. When he says “genre” and pronounces it “ZHARNG” I think I could actually kill him with my barehands. And if we ever came back from a commercial break and he had to retroactively deduct points from me because I pronounced something wrong in a previous answer, I could go on a full blown murder spree. But thats part of the territory. Guy is the greatest game show host of all time. He’s cocky, hes pretentious, and he’s the fucking maestro. You dont like it? You want a shoulder to cry on when you suck at the game? Go spin the Wheel with that pussy Sajak. Him and Vanna White will change your diapers and rub vasoline all over your heiny and tell that it’s special and different from everyone elses. But if you wanna play Jeopardy you’re gonna be treated like a grown ass contestant. And if you’re gonna be in the negatives when Final Jeopardy comes around, well then you’re gonna be shunned and shamed a bit. Thats how the game goes.