Carlos Correa Is Fed Up With Cody Bellinger Crying All The Time

When the Astros first started finally talking about this publicly, they did a dogshit job of defending themselves. They sounded like timid little church mice. Like little kids learning to apologize to their parents for the first time. It was sad to watch. You would have thought they sold nuclear codes to North Korea or something with the way they were handling talking about what happened. And then Carlos Correa stood tall, put the team on his back, and became their voice. And all it took was a little bit of traction for him to start pulling up receipts on Cody Bellinger, who I honestly think believes people should do jail time for this. 

"Oh we stole the World Series off you? What about all the times you, personally, stunk? Did you think about that? What about the fact that every time someone came up with a man on second your pitchers were bad at sports? Even at home no less! Not ringing any bells? How about when we put our bad players in the game and they still scored runs? Don't you find that interesting?" 

TALK THAT SHIT CARLOS! My biggest problem with this entire scandal is that it's been lame as hell. The Dodgers have been the biggest choke artists of the decade and can't stop crying about one World Series as if that gets them off the hook for coming up short every other year. The Yankees? You think any hard working, red blooded America has any time in their day to have sympathy for the fucking YANKEES? Imagine the Texans beating the Patriots and then being caught in some sort of cheating scandal two years later, think Bill and Tommy would get a whole heap of sympathy? Of course fucking not. Back in my day the Yankees used to steamroll cheaters and non-cheaters alike and win a billion World Series in a row, not cry because they lost to someone better at cheating. But now? If Correa's gonna talk that shit right back to everyone? I'm all in. This whole ordeal was way too one sided with no one to root for. If Correa's gonna make up obscenely unbelievable tattoo stories and then break down the game film of how they were still better than the teams they beat even when they couldn't cheat then consider my attention captured and my flag firmly planted in the Carlos Correa camp.