HQ Trivia Is Officially #DONE With Investors Now "No Longer Willing To Invest In The Company"

[Editor's Note:This is another guest blog from prospective Gametime blogger, @UnfilteredNerd, who knows his stuff and then some. Go and give him a follow.]

(CNN) - When HQ launched in 2017, its first game HQ Trivia quickly attracted millions of people across the world who stopped whatever they were doing twice a day to play the game on their smartphones. The company was profiled by The New York Times and its original host Scott Rogowsky became a household name.

But over the next year, the game's popularity faded and its parent company was hit with a series of setbacks. The company grappled with internal turmoil, including the death of HQ cofounder Colin Kroll, who died in December 2018 from a drug overdose. CEO Rus Yusupov said in a company-wide email on Friday that "lead investors are no longer willing to fund the company, and so effective today, HQ will cease operations and move to dissolution."

WELL, it was fun while it lasted! Granted, I haven’t played HQ Trivia in a year or so now, but kudos to them for actually being an interesting and original mobile game. Nowadays, most of them are either cheap carbon copies of each other, way too fucking simple, or nonstop spam like this...

But like many of the mobile games that came before, it fizzled out before the next step could ever be taken. The prize pools got smaller and smaller, to the point where winners were literally just getting like 5 bucks a night. Not ideal!

All while casual players like me simply lost the motivation to play with nothing for us to really gain? So much potential though, you really do hate to see it...

Still, it made a solid mark in mobile gaming history and we'll always have that 2017 magic with our dear friend Scott. But it's time to move on to bigger and better things now... Namely, answering the internet 24/7 with your very own set of ATI cards!