Family dog rescued from home destroyed by Oso mudslide


Mynorthwest - Amidst the tragedy and devastation of the Oso mudslide comes a small miracle for one family who lost everything – the discovery of their beloved dog alive and well buried in the rubble of what was their home. Julie and Cory Kuntz and their son Quinton had just left for a baseball game when the slide leveled their neighborhood, taking everything with it. They returned home to find their house destroyed, and their dog and cat missing. As family members were surveying the rubble, they heard whimpering and frantically began digging through the debris. Moments later, they found the chocolate lab stunned and filthy, but otherwise fine and seemingly no worse for the wear.


Well this is an uplifting video.  Dog just defying the odds in the Oso Mudslide.    I love how he was ready to play instantly when they pulled him out of the rubble too.  Just shook off the dirt and was ready to roll.  Tail wagging like nothing even happened.   Gonna take a little more than being trapped in rubble and mud for 48 hours to dampen this guy’s spirits.   Glass is always half full for dogs.   Not looking for pity or sympathy.  Just wants to play. Probably could use that drink everybody keeps talking about, but other than that good to go.  Dogs FTW.