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Miles Bridges Went From Tweeting At Halftime To Winning The MVP Of The Rising Stars Game

Maybe some of you spent last night with a loved one, maybe you were slinging merch like a goddamn marketing genius, so there's a chance you may have not realized there was some actual basketball being played last night. The Rising Stars game went down with Team World vs Team USA, and through the first half Team USA was in a world of trouble. Down 11 at the break they were getting killed despite this being a fake game. Rough look for a pretty stacked roster. But that all changed during halftime when Miles Bridges sent out this tweet

Frankly, I'm all for players being able to tweet during halftime. Why not? I'm sure there are some rules and rationale against it but I say screw it. Give me players calling their shot during the break, which is precisely what Miles Bridges did. I know there might be some olds reading this blog but basically he's saying it's time to get serious. Well, Bridges came out and exploded in the third quarter, Team USA pulled away and he took home the game's MVP


Zion got the fan vote because of course he did, but Bridges won 4 of the other 7 votes to secure the hardware. Other guys like Eric Paschall (23 points) and Collin Sexton (21 points) played well and could have won it, but Bridges showed out in a big way so it made sense. The entire bench unit for Team USA was a +33 which is pretty insane, and Bridges became the first ever Hornet to take home this award. That's pretty cool.

Hopefully other players see that this tactic of calling your shot on Twitter clearly works, and we somehow see this continue during the festivities this weekend. Imagine live tweeting and taking digs at guys during the 3PT/Dunk Contest or something? That'd bring some spice to the events to see if someone could back up their tweets. I'm not saying I just solved the All Star Weekend ratings issue but I'm not saying I didn't either.