Play DraftStreet One Day Fantasy Baseball And Turn $22 Into $20,000

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-100,000 Prize Pool, $22 entry fee
-$20,000 first place prize, top 750 paid out
-1-day contest on Friday, April 25th
-This is a “Pick’Em” style league, which means users will select one player from each of the 8 preselected tiers. There are no salary or position requirements, each user just picks one player from each tier and the team that finishes with the most fantasy points wins the $20,000 first place prize

Maybe this is when I stop my losing streak? Could it be? A new format, a new chance for me to prove myself in the one-day fantasy sports world. Cause so far I haven’t done shit and the stoolies continue to rake in all my money. So let’s try again tomorrow. $22 to play, $20,000 for first. 8 tiers, one player from each. I can dig it.

Draft now, be rich tomorrow.