BANG!!! Mike Breen Has Made The Pro Basketball Hall Of Fame

For all the bullshit us Knicks fans have gone through with our team and dickhead owner over the years, we have been preposterously spoiled with announcers. To have our local games' play-by-play go from being done by a Hall of Fame broadcaster and national voice of the NBA in Marv Albert to another Hall of Fame broadcaster and national voice of the NBA in Mike Breen once Marv got cancelled is simply unbelievable. Add in the coolest human in the universe doing the color commentary (along with the incredible Johnny Hoops before Clyde made the jump from radio to TV) and we don't really have much to complain about as fans other than pretty much everything else outside of the home arena. I hope Leon Rose hires whoever chooses the Knicks announcers to be the next Knicks GM, because that motherfucker has an eye and ear for talent.

Not only has Breen made games seem bigger by simply being on the call like Marv once did, but he even "BANG!" the 21st century version of "YES!" along with "BLOCKED BY JAMES" being the modern "A SPECTACULAR MOVE BY MICHAEL JORDAN" moment. By all accounts, Mike Breen is as good a person as he is an announcer, so this feels like a win as both a Knicks fan and NBA fan. 

So in honor of Mike Breen making The Hall, along with all the other happenings around the country on this Valentine's Day night, lets listen to Breen say "BANG" a whole bunch of times