Jackie Chan Is Fighting Redcoat Arnold Schwarzenegger In 'The Iron Mask'

To be frank, I don't understand what the FUCK is going on in this trailer. It's some sort of take on the Man in the Iron mask story, but now they're in China? Jackie Chan is in the Tower of London? Who cares, I'm so fucking in on this movie. Not only because it has two of my action movie icons starring in it, but because it visually looks like garbage. That is the sort of beautiful disaster that gets my plums going. The more I read about it, the less sense it makes. It's actually a sequel to the 2014 Russian-Ukrainian movie "Viy". 

Didn't hear about it? Me neither. But it made a HOT ₽2,160,030,200 in Russia! God damn! That may be only a paltry $34 million USD, but that makes it the Russian 'Avengers: Endgame'. THIS movie was originally named 'Viy 2: Journey to China', but they changed the name to something totally unrelated to appeal to the obviously ravenous western audiences that want this sort of content. I love it!