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We Have Officially Reached Zillion Beerception

There are many times where I question if Barstool is real life. Usually that happens when I see one of my coworkers become a prize fighter, a rock star, an SNL sketch, or worth a hundred million dollars. 

But despite all that, seeing the #ZillionBeers movement reach a point of Beerception where the beer that was drank by the zillions is tweeting at the drinker of a zillion beers about designing a can after the tattoo said drinker got on his ass for selling zillions of zillion beers merch while drinking a zillion beers, my brain gets a syntax error like it tried to divide by zero or is looking at this picture.

Nothing makes sense anymore unless we are living in The Matrix, in which case everything makes sense. And if we are living in a simulation, money doesn't really matter. So buy a shirt from Dana to support his cause, Pete Frates' cause, and all the other causes he is supporting even though I'm pretty sure he's somehow going to end up in the red if he hits a milly.