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Jeff Bauman and His Fiancee Erin Hurley Are Expecting




ABC – A man who lost his legs in the Boston Marathon bombings, then helped authorities identify the suspects, is engaged and an expectant father. Jeff Bauman, 28, and his fiancee, Erin Hurley, 27, told The Associated Press in a recent interview that the baby is due July 14. They don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, and they want it to be a surprise.”My mom loves it. My dad’s going crazy,” Bauman said. As for himself, “I just want to be a good dad.”


Awesome. Just awesome. I know it’s crazy,but everytime I hear a story about how Bauman or any of the victims of the Marathon bombings are moving forward with their lives I feel pride in it. Whether it be Adrianne Haslet-Davis dancing again or Bauman getting ready to start a family. I feel like it’s a big fuck you to terrorist #2. Like you didn’t accomplish shit you murdering son of a bitch. You didn’t dent the psyche of this city. You had no lasting impact beyond just being a cold blooded psycho murderer.