Pembroke Star Hoops Player Pat Welch Stripped of Player of the Year Award After Sending Meany Pants Tweet After Winning State Title




UnionleaderPembroke Academy head coach Matt Alosa said Sunday he was disappointed the New Hampshire Basketball Coaches Organization stripped Pat Welch of his honors after the Spartans’ guard sent out an obscene tweet following his team’s NHIAA Division II boys’ basketball state title.”The NHBCO is disappointed to announce the unfortunate decision to rescind the Division 2 Player of the Year awarded to Pat Welch from Pembroke Academy. Last week, Pat Welch was named by the Division 2 coaches as their Player of the Year. Since that time, it has come to the NHBCO executive board’s attention that Pat Welch displayed flagrant un-sportsmanlike behavior. We have contacted Pembroke Academy and informed them of our decision. “Pat Welch will not be allowed to represent his school at either the senior games being held at NHTI this Sunday nor at the Twin State game vs. Vermont this summer. It is with great sadness that this committee has to act on this situation, but we strive to uphold the tenet that this award is not based solely on a basketball player’s ability but also on that player’s character and demonstrated sportsmanship. “It has been decided that Jourdain Bell from Bishop Brady will be selected as the Division 2 Player of the Year.”

I have a question. Do you think Jourdain Bell brags that he was the DII player of the year now? I mean is that something you’re proud of when everybody knows you only won the award via a disqualification because the real player of the year sent a meany pants tweet? Like I’m sure Pat Welch doesn’t give a fuck. Pembroke is still state champs. Everybody knows he’s still the player of the year. Takeing away the award after you already announced the winner seems kind of pointless.

And honestly who gives a fuck what people say on twitter anyway? He won the state title. He can talk all the trash he wants. Yeah it’s not great sportsmanship but who cares. Sure he could have probably could have done without the #fuckyou at the end, but to the victors go the spoils. Everybody needs a villain. You don’t want him to talk shit beat him on the court. It’s that simple. Remember tweets don’t kill people, guns do.

PS – If the NHBCO was so butthurt by this tweet why not just offer him the chance to apologize instead of stripping him of his award and banning him from the All star games?. Hey newsflash it’s a freaking tweet.


- Thanks to CJ