Is Batman Really Wearing The Gun Used To Kill His Parents On His Chest As The Bat Symbol?!

After I blogged the semi-reveal of Robert Pattinson's Batsuit from 'The Batman', due out in June 2021, some very interesting theories hit social media...

Buncha people seem to think the janky lookin' Bat symbol on Bruce Wayne's chest may be janky lookin' because it's made outta the gun used to kill his parents! You see it? Like if the gun was split in half down the barrel and the handle was used on each side?

Kinda fuckin metal, eh?! If Bruce keeps it on his chest as a reminder why never to kill?! I'll admit - I made a point in my blog last night to note that I wasn't a fan of the new Bat symbol, but I'm ready to admit that I was wrong if this is the case. Plus, this movie does reportedly take place in Bruce Wayne's second year of being Batman, so it probably won't be the final incarnation of the suit anyway. He's got a practically leather cowl for Gotham's sake! Oh, and if that's a nod to Adam West, this may just be the greatest movie ever made.

Shoutout to KEVIN SMITH for being the brains behind this concept, as well, as it seems to be pulled from his short in Detective Comics #1000! He'll be ELATED if this winds up being a correct theory...