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The NFL's All-Time Best QB Bracket is Instantly the Worst Thing That's Ever Happened

QB Bracket

QB Bracket2

NFL.comThis year,’s third-annual edition of Bracketology seeks to answer the long-standing debate. Starting Thursday, March 20, fans will decide who is the greatest quarterback of all-time by submitting their vote at (site will go live when the bracket opens on Thursday). The field of 32 quarterbacks was selected by a panel of and NFL Network analysts and are divided into four brackets…

Right Now Bracket:

 1. Tom BradyPatriots, 2000-present

8. Eli ManningGiants, 2004-present

Of all the injustices in all the brackets in all the world, this has to be the absolute fricking worst. This is just the worst sort of bag-over-the-head kick-in-the-face matchup of all time. I mean, Rick Pitino is running around bellyaching about drawing goddamned Manhattan in the opener (I still call it Round 1 but if I do 50 dipshits will comment that there’s no Play In any more so Round 1 is now Round 2 and I refuse to play their little semantic game) because Steve Masiello is his bastard child or whatever.  But that’s nothing compared to the nutpunch Brady’s taking from the NFL.  Of all the QBs in the league, he draws Eli Manning?  Not Colin Kaepernick or Andrew Luck or RGIII or Matt Ryan or somebody?  Anybody?  I get that they want to limit it to guys with rings, but he draws the runt of the Manning litter?  This is what he gets for being the 1-seed?  The one guy- ONE GUY – with scoreboard over him.  You might as well make a Justice League bracket and make Superman’s first round matchup be with Kryptonite.  Now watch all the New Yorkers, anti-Patriots jihadists and Brady Bashers flood the site with votes for Eli, just to make my life miserable.  (And I’d expect half of them to come from Shaughnessy and Borges but I’m not sure they know how to use the internet.)  So kiss my ass, NFL.  Kiss my Irish ass.  @JerryThornton1

PS. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating.  The Giants have played two good months in the last seven years, and both cost us Super Bowls.  That thought haunts my every step.