Cody Bellinger Believes Jose Altuve Stole An MVP From Aaron Judge, Rob Manfred and Jim Crane Are Weak, And That The Astros Were Still Cheating in 2019

LETS GO CODY!!!!!! Something that is not talked about enough is how Jose Altuve blatantly stole the 2017 AL MVP award from Aaron Judge. I mean if not for Yankee bias Judge would've took home the hardware in the first place. He had the better season. 

Today Cody Bellinger went off on the Astros and it was beautiful. He thinks the Astros were cheating in 2018 and 2019 (which they were), they stole a World Series from him (they did), and that Aaron Judge was robbed of an MVP trophy (he was). I now love Cody Bellinger. He just speaks the truth. 


What a hero. No one asked him about the 2017 AL MVP race. No one. He brought all of this up on his own and he's instantly shot up the list as my favorite non-Yankee. Just out here fighting the good fight. I love how players are feeling more in their right to come out and rip the Astros apart. You see, it's not just Yankees fans who are upset. Everyone is mad and the players are not letting this go away. 

If Manfred had any balls he would have Altuve hand deliver the award to Judge, apologize, and then kiss his feet. Fucking loser.